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Update:  First  Quarter 2010

We started the new year in Utah, with Newenka's parents, her sister's family and good friends from home.  It was an Indian delight!




Tasha surprises us all by becoming a star basketball player.  She went from "what's a lay up?" at tryouts to playing the entire game by the end of the season.  And she won the sportsmanship award for her team.  Yeah! 


Anika plays more French horn and becomes quite good at it! 

Babbit the Rabbit gets seriously ill but pulls through.

Newenka becomes an active at the Theatre of Western Springs.  She has not debuted yet, but we'll keep you posted.  Here she plays Vera from Harvey. 

Yannis visits San Diego to photograph, you guessed it, birds.

(note from Yannis...not just birds!  Whooping Cranes! :-) )









Tasha continued to play ultimate, whenever the weather cooperated.  Some of us might argue that this does not appear to be cooperating weather!!! 










She got invited to tryout for the Women's National Junior Ultimate team.  She traveled to North Carolina for the tryout, but was not selected for the team. 
Here she is with one of her ultimate idols and below she is in a spirit circle, one of the best parts of the game! 












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