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Two thousand and nine saw us mostly staying home.  Spring break was Tasha's first college visit and summer brought her a fantastic internship at the University of Illinois in Chicago, which grounded the family for most of the summer.  Anika was delighted to be grounded.  She worked with Newenka on planting and tending a vegetable garden.  We ate a lot of tomatoes!  But also harvested lettuce, beans, corn, peppers, radishes, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, eggplant and dozens of butternut squashes.  (Hey, did we plant squash?  No!  those were all volunteers!) 

When we could get away this summer we visited Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

August saw Tasha return to IMSA - happily.  This year she "is taking the best classes ever." In addition to the obligatory calculus, English, Chinese and world history she is taking modern physics, advanced chemistry, and object oriented programming, oh what fun!  And she took on an S.I.R. (Student Independent Research) with an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium, which she visits  all day every Wednesday during the school year.  Tasha remains an avid Ultimate Disc player, and this year added basketball, mostly to keep in shape for Ultimate!  Ultimate Disc Photo Galleries 

Anika goes to a new school this year - she is now a middle schooler.  She has sprouted, growing 4 inches in the last half of the year!  Anika continues to write write write.  This is her passion and there are days she just flies through her homework, so she can get on with one of her books.  Poems still spring into her head, fully formed.  This is a kid dying to get published! 

Yannis has published a couple of iPhone apps this year, and has started to sell a little photography through his online site.  He has become more involved in bird watching and bird photography; he has been fascinated by the migration of the endangered Whooping Cranes this fall. 

Newenka is still looking for her passion.  She has been experimenting lately - most recently in an acting course.  In the mean time she keeps very busy volunteering at the kids' schools and whipping the rest of the family into shape. 


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