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An exciting year for the ArvaMonts!  We decided it was finally time for our big trip around the world.  Tasha would have entered high school this fall, having skipped over 7th grade.  (In fact she took 2 classes at the high school the year she should have been in 7th grade.)  Once in high school, our dream of taking the children to see the world would never become a reality! 

We spent the first half of the year planning for our big trip.  East or west?  One long trip or a series of shorter ones?  Where should we go?  What should we see?   What about the kid's educations?  What should we do about our house?  How would we pack our camera equipment.  (Okay, the last one was purely Yannis' concern!)

In the blur that was winter and spring, the kids went to school, went to acting classes, and played soccer.  We sold the cars and packed up the house.  Kivi sold her house and moved into ours.  Tasha graduated from middle school and was accepted at IMSA.  And then it was time to leave...



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