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The beginning of 2008 saw us in Athens, Greece.  We were about to embark on the second half of our world tour.  Catch up with us in Athens and follow us through the Middle East, Asian, Oceania and South America.  We returned from our sojourn at the end of May. 

We spent the summer unpacking our house and enjoying the concept of home. 

Then school started and with it our official return to the "real world."

Anika is back attending Madison School and is in the 5th grade.  If you look at her now, it is as if she never missed a beat!  She is still actively forgetting that she was ever away.  She has taken up the French horn, and blasts away merrily.  She has hung up her soccer cleats and this year is enjoying a variety of activities - she is taking an acting class, she is learning to fence, she is learning to horseback ride and she is doing a tumbling class. 

Tasha is away during the week at her high school, the Illinois Math and Science Academy, but she comes home on weekends.  We all try to pretend that she is not away, as that is too sad, after all of our togetherness over the last year.  She is enjoying her classes and is the first to admit that this is clearly the right school for her, although it would be "righter" if it was a day school and she didn't have to board. 


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