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Update:  Fourth  Quarter 2009

The fourth quarter began with Yannis and Newenka's 20th wedding anniversary.  For our 10th anniversary we had a huge wedding party, 20 brides and a Las Vegas theme.  What could we do to top that?  We took the kids to the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel for a 1920s Murder Mystery Weekend!  


Yannis decided chasing whooping cranes sounded like fun.  The whopping crane foundation, which is like an orphanage for cranes, is located in Wisconsin, and one of their many challenges is getting the cranes to migrate south for the winter.  Yannis documented the northern part of their trip:  Whooping Cranes


Anika turned 12 and what a surprise, she had a scavenger hunt with her friends. See photos of the Dinosaur Dig Lecture Scavenger Hunt






Halloween continues as a family tradition.  This year we had a mouseketeer and a geek.   

Tasha was looking for a fun easy way to stay in shape for Ultimate, and decided joining the basketball team was the way to go.  At try-outs they asked her to show them a lay-up, to which she responded "A what?"  She did not make the varsity team.  But she did play JV.  At the beginning of the season she saw very little playing time, perhaps a few minutes in the second half.  By the end of the season she started, she played the virtually the whole game and she was usually the high scorer.  Go Tasha!   Basketball

Tasha and Anika get a Greek baking lesson from their Yiayia.

Brendan just keeps getting cuter.

And concert season strikes again. 

Newenka's father had a little medical issue, affording Newenka the opportunity to return to India.

We spent Christmas in Utah

Move on to First Quarter 2010 and learn who joined us for New Year in Utah.


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