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Cape Town, South Africa - Part 6      

A South African Braai (barbecue) with the Gazzards

A Braai is the South African equivalent of a barbecue. The word is short for braaivleis (grill meat) and are almost a way of life down here.  A braai is usually much more than a burger or pork chop thrown on the grill.  We were told to expect lamb chops, chicken, and boerewors (farmer's sausage), and the Gazzard's did not disappoint - 2 varieties of chicken, scrumptuous pork chops and 3 different types of sausage!  Nick appeared with enough meat to feed an army (ok, there were 12 of us that descended on them), and almost all of it was consumed - the meat was tender and tasty, and pretty much everyone was stuffed beyond belief.  A hearty thanks to Nick and Karen for their hospitality and this tremendous afternoon of dining, wine and fun.


Matt, Anika, Tasha and Emma pause for dessert.             Mischy with her special-order dessert offering.



Sparky (one of the Gazzard's two cute dogs).                Sparky and Kivi having a private chat.



Swimming Fun

A beautiful pool in a gorgeous setting, and hot weather to boot!  Ok, the water was a bit chilly (it is winter after all), but that didn't stop the kids - it just left them colder when they finally got out :-)




Trampoline Fun

In addition to fine food and drink, a wonderful pool and a gorgeous setting, the Gazzard's had a trampoline built into their yard.  It was at ground level, built into a pit that's dug out underneath it.  It's actually a tremendous idea.  More importantly, it was fun for everyone.  Including some of the bigger "kids."



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