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Cape Town, South Africa - Part 7      

Beach Fun - Even in Winter

This is probably the best, most favorite, "gosh we can't get enough" activity for the kids even if the water is a bit chilly.


Their favorite game - throw the ball into the surf and then chase it as it comes back.

Tasha, watch out for that wave (it's actually a little one based on what we've seen while we've been here).

A break from the action - bringing back a cup of water for the sand castle project.

Tasha modeling her Speedo in front of Lion's Head peak.

Hey guys - it's a penguin.  You think he wants to help?

The Belden boys with Rowan's favorite rock.

Mischy looks on as Anika and Cammy chase down the ball.


Cammy running in the surf.

"Muscle guy" Rowan (it's a floating suit)

William in between waves.

William gets swamped by the surf!

Just look at that grin.


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