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Fourth Quarter 2001 

Anika's Surquise Party   

Anika wanted a surprise party for her 4th birthday.  When quizzed on the nature of surprise parties, she announced that everyone came to your house while you were away and then shouted surprise when you came back.  I don't think she was disappointed.


Acts of Kindness was a talent show put on to raise money for the 911 fund.  It was a smashing success and quite time consuming!

The Harry Potter Party   

Someone turned 40, and look what her family pulled off!  A Harry Potter Surprise Party with a movie showing and a genuine ArvaMont Tri-wizard Championship.  What fun!  

Skiing in Utah   

Anika skied Success!  Tasha skied moguls.  Mama and Daddy just skied, until Mama had her little adventure on the table.  (See below.)


A tree, a few presents, what more could be needed?

Mama's Little Adventure on the Table 

Okay, so the Christmas decorations had to go.  It was New Year's Eve for goodness sake.  The first half came off without a hitch, but then the table wobbled, the chandelier broke and Mama went down, down, down.  Crutches, surgery and physical therapy would be the order of the next few quarters.




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