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We can talk about the ACL, if we must! 


Okay, now tell me again what you did?

I tore the Anterior Crutiate Ligament (ACL) in my left knee falling off a table on New Year's Eve.  

Too much champagne, huh?

No, it happened before the champagne was opened.

How do you fix one of those?

To repair it, the surgeon removed the middle third of my patella tendon and fashioned it into a new ligament.  Then I did physical therapy for just shy of 6 months.  (Six months is the standard rehab, unless you have United Healthcare insurance, then you should be able to rehab in 10 weeks - anything longer than that is clearly "medically unnecessary," regardless what your doctor and physical therapist say.) 

Wait a minute, I thought it was your right knee that was bad?

Yes, it is.  I tore the ACL in my right knee in 1981 and had it repaired.  After so many years of hard use, it is getting a little rusty.  In fact there is a loose piece of crud floating around it right now, which will have to be removed some time soon.  My physical therapist loves me.  Surely this too will be "medically unnecessary" according to United Healthcare.

Thanks for this picture to the following website, which also has a nice animation of the ACL in action!


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