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Guess What!




Oh you're no fun.

Well, what is it?

Haven't we gone through this?

Through what?

Ach du liebe Zeit (German word)

What's that mean?

What's What mean?



NO.  I just said 'what' you can't say what to what it doesn't work.

I can do it.

No you can't.

Yes I can. I just did it.


When what?

When did you do it?

Do what?

Say 'what what'

Up there of course.


What are you doing?

Yes.  What is going on?

Who are you guys?

We are aliens from planet 'X'.

I'm dreaming.

No you're not.

Ow!  Why'd you pinch me?

Just proving a point.

Tell us what you were doing.

Well, I said Guess what but nobody would so we had an argument.

Yup.  That's right.

What was that you wanted someone to guess?

Who are you?


We know that. How'd you get here without us seeing?  Did you come in a flying saucer, too?

I did not.  I'm very good at hiding, though, and I was sitting under that bush.

What bush?

The bush that turns anything it touches invisible.













If my heart feels love,

Joy, truth and pain,

If I know everything deep down inside my heart

What's the use of my brain? 




Dunno  :-)








April 13, 2008 - Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Here are some mind games.

You're stuck in a ten story building.  You must get up to the 6th floor to speak to the president/king/czar/ruler dude.  (Depends on where you are.)  You press the elevator button...and you see the 'Sorry for the Inconvenience.  ¬stairs'  You check out the stairs.  Sure enough there's a door.  You try it.  Locked.  You have nothing but an economy book on you.  (You are wearing cloths, don't worry.)  A man walks in the door.  After an animated discussion you realize he's left his man (and women) eating lion up on the tenth floor.  He's very worried because the people living their might not know what to feed it.  I'm sure the people on the tenth floor are worried for a different reason.  Another man bursts in.  He doesn't speak English but keeps pointing to the elevator and drawing mountains in the air.  The fifth floor is an amusement park.  He wears a big back pack.  What do you do?

No.  If you do answer I don't need to hear it.  If you do really need to send it to me







Top a the mornin to ya!

Blah, blah, blah.


April 10, 2008 - Auckland, New Zealand

What the heck is that?





Note unwary stranger:


Mind your head,

Watch the stairs,

Toe the bed,

Careful, chairs.


Mind the glass,

Watch the fire,

Run the pass,

Avoid the spire.


Mind the mat,

Watch the snake,

Feed the cat,

Jump the lake.


Our house is full of danger!



As straight as an arrow,

A stones throw away,

A tree does stand,

In wind it does sway.


It's leaves are as red,

As roses in June,

It's flowers a top,

Are in full bloom.


It's leaves all a rustle,

Like pages in books,

The noise brings back joy,

Like fish in a brook.


As straight as an arrow,

A stones throw away,

A tree does stand,

In life it does play.



Poems you've probably heard already.

As bad as a bee sting,

As strong as words,

As sharp as scissors,

As wet as curbs.


As curved as bananas,

As terrible as violence,

As gooey as Jell-o,

As deafening as silence.


To the North is lots of Snow

To the south the church bells ring,

To the east nightingales sing,

The the west is a very rich king,

But here we have a chirping wren,

And a willow weeping in the garden.

Ms. Cat in a coffin spider

March 16 - Darwin, Australia


I have nothing to write today,

But I must write anyway.

cause this poems stuck in my head,

and now it's stuck in yours instead!


Book suggestions

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and the Sea of Monsters, and the Titan's Curse.

The Black Magician Trilogy

Journey to the River Sea


March 10 - Jabiru, Australia


"This is a lion.  Have you noticed anything strange about it?" 

"It's blue." 


"Well...lions aren't blue" 

"Amazing insight." 

"Yes!  You see you asked if some things wrong and I said that-" 

"I have ears, don't I?" 

"I don't know I can't see... now what's wrong with the lion?" 

"It's azure" 

"Didn't I just say that?" 

"No.  You said it was blue"





I just love noodles.  This would have been useful in Italy, also an Italian dictionary because then we would be sure we didn't get fish paste in our noodles.  Actually, the only place we got fish paste was in a bottled soup.  It wasn't the best soup of the day.  We threw it away.










This is a toilet.  The buttons on the end make it spray.  The seat is heated.




February 19, 2008

My mother likes my feetsies


February 16, 2008

Poison Water

Water stays on a stick,

Like wax with a candle wick.

And down below is a lake,

fish stick to it like toddlers to a cake.

and if that drip does slip,

like poison it will fall,

and hit the pond quick,

and the water wall.

but if it stays on the branch,

I don't see how,

the twig will stay on,

Oh, what will happen now?



In winter my zipper broke

So I just wore my coat


The Tiger's Prey is Dead the Moment the Tiger Spots it.

The tiger stalks her prey,

She might just stay away,

But she goes close instead,

Because the preys already dead.



An eagle spreads her long wings,

That queen of the forest queen of the air.

And while the nightingales sings,

She fixes a mouse with a terrible stare.


The mouse stands, stalk still,

His chances are very slim.

Unless it be the eagles will,

for her shadow to pace over him.



The vain peacock struts along,

Arrogantly singing a song.

And when he gets to a stream,

He than begins to lean...

The crocodiles jaw's go crunch!

She's just had her lunch.








  My Mythical Creature Guide






Unkind Unicorn

Unicorns are the dangers of the mythical world.  killing anything that displeases them.  They always hunt in pacts.






Mystical Mermaids


When ever I think of mermaids they're bad.  Simply because everyone thinks they're good.  I say they are flesh eating

monsters that content themselves with munching on humans.  The only enemies are unicorns because they are more












The theme today is dragons in case you couldn't tell.


    I have read about 2 books where dragons are good animals, the rest of the books consider them beasts.  So maybe

you should go have a look at some fascinating facts people have made up about DRAGONS.









Note: There are pictures all the way down at the bottom and I added a few lion pictures as well.  I'm sorry for those who looked at the bottom already but I want others to go down there, too.  (but you might still want to look you never know what might have changed.


December 15, 2007 Saturday

Hey, everyone I've added pictures (to some things)!


The things on the bottom of the page are going to sink have sunk away onto another page so be warned.

Look at the Eiffel Tower.



Dec. 11 2007 Tuesday

(maybe it's a little late we're in Istanbul)

Attention Caution Note:

please tell me of anything misspelled, any bad grammar or things like that.  Also note: Poems don't count they may not rhyme if you change the grammar.


We saw a lazy lion

Sitting on the ground


While 3 feet away

Lunch was crawling 'round


It was a warthog

He didn't notice it


But all the lion did

Was sit and sit and sit


We thought it was a hunt

That we would see


But I guess now

We'll go home and have tea


What am I complaining about we saw two hunts that very day.  (note: It was a Lion not lioness, understand)



The second buffalo killed gets the pride of being "Stupidest Buffalo on Earth".  Let's all give him a round of applause.  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Now you're probably saying: "how was this buffalo dumb?"  If you keep reading you'll find out soon enough.



May I present the story of our friend Buffy!


Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap! Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!



Well, after noticing 3 buffalo with a baby run out of the place, probably until they reached the ocean, he said: "I think I ought to check it out."  So in he went.  All of a sudden, he notices a lionesses that just got butted by an angry buffalo.  Now he decides he's going to show off.  Instead of running (He who sees a lioness and runs away will live to see another one another day) he charged her.  Who would be as dumb as that?  At least the lioness was thinking, she ran straight towards her pride where sat (deep voice) a lion upon a bump in the ground (normal) but did the buffalo turn around?  What do you think? He turned and fought noticing no danger or caring not.  Well, after that he was surrounded and brought down, of course.




Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap! Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap! Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap! 

 thank you thank you

Ew, that's what's eating our buffalo today.


The three buffalo and their baby ran away,

But he stayed there anyway.


In the grass he saw a lioness,

And his courage he would test.


He chased her and she ran,

Right back to her clan.


Where a lion sat on the ground,

But did he turn around?


No, instead he stayed and fought,

Not noticing danger or caring not.


He couldn't have been saved, even by a fairy,

But seeing it was still kind of scary.


It would've made me sad; I care;

Were there not 1000 grazing over there.



The rare red elephant!


December 2, 2007; Arusha, Tanzania



  African Animal (Alliterations) Poems




A cheetah can run like a star

But people have their nice race car


The Cheetah hunts and kills its prey

We’ll shoot a cow any day.


But turning into the shadows

Is something only the cheetah knows




Most animals sleep at night and hunt by day

But hyenas are the other way


In day they curl up on the ground

At night they start to prowl around


Hyenas always like a chuckle

Even while chewing a knuckle


But to look for one would be daft

And would not make you laugh.



Baobab trunk skinned by Elephants.



Elephants have very large trunks

To help them eat corn on the cob

But who would have thunk

It is smaller than the baobabs.



A haiku for the Elephant



Trumpeting their glee

Elephants pull down a tree

To eat happily














An elephant’s been here,


An elephant’s been here,

Bringing his romp

An elephant’s been here

Tromping around

How can I tell?

All the trees are on the ground.




In Africa the lions are the kings

And they do very brave things


In their group they must have trust

To bring down a rhinoceros


But in other bunches they don’t confide

Because it could ruin their pride.




Danger, death

Hunting, killing, eating Chasing,prowling, leaping,hiding Grazing, running, loping

Shy, scared


Roses are red

Violets are blue...

(I'm # 1

and your #502) :-)



Thorns are sharp

Bugs are small

Elephants are short

And I’m very tall




(not true)


We saw a leopard in a tree.

Everyone started saying “shush” to me.

They began to gawk and stare

Until I said, “There’s a leopard right there!”







Waiting on the ledge

Very near the edge

It would be my wish

To catch a juicy fish

Being very bored

I spread my winds and soared.




Birds are graceful as gazelle

If you look, you can tell.

I like gazelle and buffalo more

Because birds sometimes pour

Stuff you don’t want on your back

Like a military attack.





Slithering sneakily

Not being noticed

Aching for a mouse to

Kill and

Endeavor to eat.






What is it?


A creature you will always see

When you go on a safari

Is an animal not too rare,

So we don’t gawk and stare.

What is this creature, you may ask

The naming is always a hard task

In the city, it is the key

It’s a person don’t you see. 




There’s a pond, it is bare

Why aren’t there animals over there?

It looks like a safe bog

But in the middle is a croc-o-log.


No bug pictures!

What I have to say about bugs: @#$%&*



Unfortunately it is the time of day

That the bugs come out to play.

Play for them is biting you.

(There are about 502.)

They all bite through socks and clothes

How they do this, no one knows.

Finally it’s the time of day

They go home and maybe stay.






A Day on the Savanna.

We wake up to the noise of elephants tromping through our yard and have an enjoyable breakfast with bugs all over our table.  Than it's safari time!


Most of the time on the safari is searching for the shy animals where you learn that elephants are very, very common.

Only on the last day did we see lions and they were old and full



My new nickname is eagle-eye but Tasha spotted the leopard that sprang into the tree.  This made it one of our worst shots.

Half the time you think you see something it turns out to be a: Wart-log, Croc-o-log, Tree-affe, Term-a-phant or something like that.  Then we go have dinner (we had lunch on the run).  I won't even go into the bug problem because I'd go on for ages.  After that we take an armed guard back to our tent and sleep to the sound of elephants mating in our backyard.


P.S. Did I mention the bonfire and marshmallows?


Armed Guard

The lions are problems, sometimes, so we have a guard at night armed with...a spear?


"How are you"

"how are you" is rather strange.  You always know that people will say that because it's impolite not to.  Mostly you say fine because otherwise you have a big, long chat about why your not fine so your late.  You don't need a conversation you just say "I have a 101.3 fever" (I did).  Then you walk away but the person thinks it's rude.  Then, they go and get revenge.  Don't ask me how.  Strange, what people make polite.


Garbage-Men of the Savanna


These termites eat the left-over wood so it doesn't stack up.  Our tour guide, Dominic, pointed the first one out but they are everywhere.  Elephants look sort-of like termite mounds, sometimes.  They have trees growing out of them sometimes, too.  Lizards go in the holes as wall as elephant trunks.  These termites really do deserve the name Garbage-Men of the Savanna!


L. B. R.

These are very pretty birds especially when flying so if we see one we shout to my dad: L. B. R.!  L. B. R.!  It's real name is: Lilac Breasted Roller.  Try saying that 3 times fast and you'll know why we gave it that nickname.


Is very important, I think.  Here are some pictures of animals using Camouflage:


(Wait a little longer)



Lions within and Lionesses without.

Lionesses do all the work.  They hunt and then let the lions eat it all up.  When we saw a buffalo kill (repeat, buffalo kill) the unsuccessful kill was when 3 lionesses wanted to bring it down.   The male only trotted over when he thought they had it down.  Finally, the lions realized they be less hungry if the actually helped!


"We are SO outa here"                     "wait a sec, I think there's an appetizer!"    "Got him down!  Everyone ready?"

The buffalo and their friend... "No way, snap out of it" "Get over here lazy lion!" "Wait they're taking a picture I'm posing!" "Was go'n on over there?"

"hey you big guy! I'm going to gech ya!" The chased becomes the chaser... "I got him!  I got him!  I need reinforcements!"

"Let me try girls, I'll bring him down but I get the first bite" "Oii, this guy's really heavy and hard" "Hey!  What you doin' up there?"

"nearly down"                                                "He's coming down"                                        "OOF!"

"Maybe I don't want to go over.  I don't want to be eaten" "He only said 'bite'"





By Anika!



Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry!


I see you fly through the air,

Pardon me if I stare,

You land on me,

So I may see,

But please get out of my hair!


Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry!


On the flowers suck, suck, suck,

Seeing you was just my luck,

Compared to ye,

Oh glory be,

I look just like muck!


Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry!


You land upon a tree,

So you can show off to me,

Your colors bright,

Lovely sight,

You're something I want to be!


Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry!


You can live on a flower,

Some may stand and glower,

But to me,

You are pretty,

Like you came fresh from the shower


Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry!


Now it's time to grieve,

And you I won't deceive,

We have to go,

I'll tell you though,

I don't want to leave!


Butterfly, flutter by,

To you I want to say "Hi",


and lots of spots,

You make me want to cry,

You make me want to cry.


See Anika's Musings for the first five months.


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