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Update:  Second  Quarter 2007

We sat tight, planning and organizing and packing for the big trip. 

The Girls Wrap Up Their Soccer Seasons

Tasha and Anika finished off their last ever seasons with the Hurricanes.  The team was taken over by Eclipse at the end of the seasons, but despite this, neither girl is planning on playing organized soccer in the future. 

Tasha Runs Track

Tasha's middle school fields a track team.  Tasha thought she might be a sprinter, but it turns out she is pretty good at the middle distances - 400 and 800 meters. 

We Adopt a Rabbit

Tasha's biology teacher adopted a rabbit, who turned out to be pregnant!  Tasha watched the three bunnies growing up and just had to adopt one of them.  So Babbit joined the family.  Isn't he cute? 


Tasha Graduates From Middle School

Tasha graduates from 8th grade.  Can you believe they have the kids wear gowns? 


Tasha plays with the Chicago Youth Symphony Debut Orchestra

Tasha and her friend Lydia performed with the CYDO for their second year.

And We Are Overrun By Cicadas!

It was Illinois' turn to host the 17 year cicadas, wow!  These guys were everywhere, and the noise was overwhelming!

  A rarer blue eyed cicada.


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