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Update:  Last  Quarter 2006

We traveled to Australia for winter break this year.  Have a look...

Dealing With Dragons for Anika's Birthday

Anika's birthday guests enacted an abbreviated version of Anika's favorite book, interrupted by a scavenger hunt.  Mostly a success.


This year we had a superconductor and a VW Bug! 

The Magnificent Tomas

For Newenka's birthday she wished for nothing.  Literally, nothing.  "Could we just not bother this year?  Then I won't have to clean the house."  Well, she doesn't get her wish. 


The whole DuMont clan met in Hinsdale for Thanksgiving this year.  We even convinced Opa to join us.  Hurray!

The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico

Yannis escaped for four days to a photography course in this fabulous wildlife refuge, and guess what?  He took a few pictures...  Have a look at our favorites.

Christmas in Utah

Note this Christmas in the record books.  Our family traveled to Utah, and Yannis did not bring a camera!  The snow was good, the weather was fine and a good time was had by all! 


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