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Update:  Third Quarter 2006

For the first time in a long time, we undertook no significant travels this summer.  Instead we had several fun adventures, mostly close to home.  Our (okay, Yannis') rate of picture taking remained steady, despite the less exotic venues! 

Air Shows

Yannis and airplanes...  See some of his best photos from both Osh Kosh Airventures and the Chicago Air and Water Show. 

In and Around Chicago

We visited the zoo, the arboretum, the parks, the city.  A veritable tour of our own fair city, not to mention things we did around home. 

With the Christians on Stoney Lake

Our friends David and Charlotte invited us up to visit them on in Canada.

At the Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria

What a great place to see bobcats and cougars and bison and bears, all outside in their natural environment. 

Mackinac Island

Yannis takes Yiayia and Thia Sonia to Mackinac Island. 

Tasha Becomes a Teenager!

Too bad that the evil professors stole her birthday cake and she and her friends had to spend the whole party trying to track it down!  Luckily, they were successful and all had cake and ice cream before the party was over! 

Yannis Gets a Year Older

And again, no one takes a picture.  Want to see his birthday Sudoku? 


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