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A-Moo-zing View

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"A-Moo-zing" View (or "A Moo with a View?")

Walking through the Alps, I reached the conclusion that these cows are probably the luckiest in the world since they spend their days grazing in some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever encountered. 


For me, the "quintessentially Swiss experience" has become a hike in the gorgeous mountains where, inevitably, we will encounter numerous cows along the way.   Even the sounds of the cow bells have a pleasant sound (kind of like a wind chime, actually, but on a larger scale), and on the really foggy hikes, it's kind of neat to hear the bells yet not see the cows. 


Anyway, so there we were, on one of our final hikes in Switzerland when I ran across this cow just hanging out, chewin' its cud and seemingly savoring the breathtaking view of the mountains and glacier across the valley. 


(The cow bell audio clip is courtesy of Anika's camera.)


Hey, it's an ArvaMont family photo opportunity!

Well, I thought it would be fun to get a picture of one of the kids with this cow and the beautiful backdrop, and Anika was the closest, so she "won."  Initially, she was a bit hesitant to get close - intimidated by the size of the cow (can't blame her, really) - but she eventually warmed up to the idea.


It's ok can get a little closer.


That's better.  Maybe you should take a picture of her too.


"Hey cow, do you say 'fromage' or 'käse' ?" :-)


Anika's picture.   Moooooo (translation: "cheese")


Thanks, and see you later.


Different place, different cow, but a nice view and a pretty fancy cow bell too.



Ba-a-a-a-a-a-d Goat!

And finally, apparently, it's not only the cows that have fun in the Swiss Alps...

"I like it on this here crossing.  Here's what I think of your silly little train...phhhzzzz!!!"

They were "shoo-ing" the goats away at the train station in Kleine Shiedegg on this day.


FYI, Anika and I each got butted by goats (albeit mildly) just to complete our Swiss animal experience.


That's all for now.  -y


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