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Prague Buildings

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Those Wonderful Buildings of Prague

Everywhere we walked, we encountered attractive buildings.  Yes, we spent most of our time in the center of Prague and it's not completely representative of the rest of the city, but it still seemed like a large number of cool buildings, nevertheless.  Europe is full of quaint and interesting buildings, but Prague really struck me for the numbers, the attractiveness and the opportunities to get far enough away from them to fully appreciate them (courtesy of large boulevards or the river) Even though we had 5 days of cloudy skies, the buildings and their colors still enchanted me.   And while I would prefer sunshine and blue skies, the "flat" lighting resulted in more flexibility to capture images without having to deal with backlighting or harsh shadows.  These photos are a smattering of the buildings that we encountered.

(Clicking on an image below will bring up a larger version of it.)



The "Fred and Ginger" building along with their neighbors on the bank of the river Vltava.



ZE2G4418.jpg ZE2G4446.jpg ZE2G4467.jpg ZE2G4533.jpg

ZE2G4517.jpg ZE2G4587ca.jpg



ZE2G4541pj_1.jpg ZE2G4445.jpg ZE2G4474ca.jpg

A street in the Mala Strana area (across the river from us and where we parked our car - free street parking!)


ZE2G4561.jpg ZE2G4609.jpg ZE2G4293.jpg

                                                                   Hey!  Look, some shadows!  The sun was out...briefly.


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