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The African Big 5      


The Big 5 were the animals people came to South Africa to hunt, back when that was still the thing to do.  These were the most challenging animals to shoot, so obviously the most desirable!  Nowadays, we shoot these and many other animals photographically, but it is still fun to look for these five:




There were at least 23 elephants on parade near the Crocodile Bridge just before they closed the gates on our second day.  Everyone had the elephant parade song from Jungle Book stuck in their heads through dinner!








The guys above are white rhinos.  The one to the left is a black rhino.  


White rhinos are grazers and black rhinos are browsers, so you can see they have slightly different head shapes.  


The latter is so rare that our guide was fumbling around trying to find his own camera when we happened upon it!  











It was while watching this fellow that we had our second flat!  













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