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Cape Town, South Africa - Part X      

The Garden Route - Oma & Papa's Most Excellent Adventure


Oma and Papa decided to take a drive down the famous South Africa Garden Route - a lush coastal route with mysterious forests, dramatic coastline and rugged mountains.  Below is their trip log as told to this curious transcriber....


Stuck on the superhighway



Hey, look at that game park over there...


Careful Papa - that's a wild giraffe!


Look - native birds in the raging river!


Don't get too close Oma!


The African white bush-hen?



Oma loves aloe - let's go check out that aloe specialty mall.  Look, they even have aloe coffee!


Papa can't resist checking out the manufacturing process behind the scenes.  (We hope that this photo hasn't captured a top secret process that will get us in trouble.)


One thing that Oma and Papa can claim that none of the others on our trip can - they made it to the southern most point on the African continent.  Well done!



Oma posed with the statue, but the kids hadn't briefed her on how to pose :-)



What an excellent adventure!


That's all for Cape Town...our adventure continues in Kruger.  We'll post more when we can.


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Next Stop?  Mvuradona!



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