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Our Great Adventures in the Land Down Under  (continued)


We flew to Brisbane and then rented a car and drove up the coast to the port city where we could catch a flight to Lady Elliott Island.  We were eagerly anticipating our visit to the Reef, which was complicated by the sea wasps (box jelly fish) that make the beaches along the Queensland coast unusable.  This is not a problem on a coral cay - and thus we chose Lady Elliott Island as the destination from which to explore ocean life. 

Lady Elliott Island


There are two types of sea turtles that nest on Lady Elliott Island.  Here is one of them!  The females come up on the beach in the middle of the night.  They choose a spot, dig a hole and just start laying.  If you interrupt them before they start digging, they go back out to sea.  Once they start laying, they do not stop for anything.  Tasha accompanied a turtle researcher on his rounds one night and watched this turtle lay a hundred eggs.  You can easily locate a turtle when walking on the beach, turtle tracks look like huge tire tracks!

The Australia Zoo




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