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Our Great Adventures in the Land Down Under  (continued)

In the last 2 weeks, we worked our way west from Wilsons Prom to Philip Island (where they no longer allow photography of the Penguin Parade - bummer!), took the ferry across the bay, drove the Great Ocean Road to Warrnambool, headed north to the Grampians and then back to Melbourne (where we once again have internet access courtesy of our friends and hosts the Stops).  Without further ado, here are some highlights :


Phillip Island

In addition to seeing the ferry penguins (which we were not permitted to photograph), we saw Koalas and stopped in at the Puzzle Palace.

This mama & baby were just above eye level at the Koala Conservatory on Philip Island.

As was this cuddly Koala that the kids couldn't resist.

Surf and Turf

We spent a couple of nights in the town of Blairgowrie (south of Melbourne) and took a boat ride / swimming trip on our way out of town.  While the dolphins didn't cooperate that day, we did get a nice close up of the local seals (and boy, were they aromatic!).  Below, Newenka and Anika indicate that they're ready to board the boat. 


Great Ocean Road

After a short ferry ride across the bay, we drove west along the Great Ocean Road.  Taking our time, we made many stops and we spent time at various beaches where the kids loved playing in the surf of the Bass Strait.  Tasha spent a bit of time trying to master body surfing, while Anika simply enjoyed playing with the waves. 





Back on dry land, we spent time hiking around - through forests, a magical fern gully on the Ottway peninsula and amongst the cool rocks of the Grampians.

And, of course, no trip down the Great Ocean Road would be complete without the obligatory photos amongst the 12 Apostles and similar rock formations...



Warrnambool was the end of the Great Ocean Road.  It has a wonderful museum, not to mention more fabulous beaches. 

The blacksmith makes Tasha his apprentice, and together they make 2 horse shoes - one for each kid!  My kind of blacksmith! 


Before leaving for Australia, we told the kids that we may not see much in the wild beyond kangaroos and birds.  After all, in the two years we spent in Australia, that's what we'd experienced.  Well, the animals have been very cooperative for us on this trip.  The wallaby & wombat in Wilson's Prom, the echidna in the Cranbourne botanical reserve, and emus, koalas and kangaroos galore!  Below are some of our encounters.

Daddy emu and 2 babies


A close up encounter with emus at a picnic area (clearly they've gotten used to humans - they were stopping at every car and peeking into the windows).


Driving up the Great Ocean Road and about 15-30 minutes east of Apollo Bay, we stopped and observed a bunch of Koalas in the trees along the road.  This guy appeared to be enjoying the little bit of sunshine that popped up.


The Grampians

And adjacent to our cottage in the Grampians was a large grassy field that was very popular with the kangaroos in the mornings and late afternoons.  This foursome appeared to pose for their picture.

Well, that completes our circle of the Melbourne area. 

Click here as we head back to Melbourne. 



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