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BoF:  Barrels of Fun Department

ArvaMont is your best source for all sorts of custom games, road rallies, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions or whatever else you are up to that requires a barrel of fun.
Unfortunately, building this web site takes lots of work, so these are not yet available online.  Stay tuned...

Favorite Examples:

bulletWelcoming Cameron:  My Life With William
bulletTriwizard Championship:  Bertie Bots tasting, golden dragon eggs location, posions and clues in ice, and more!  
bulletViva Las Vegas with 20 brides 
bulletRoad Rallies:  What about the Hinsdale Historical Walking Rally?  What were the names of the koalas at Lincoln Park Zoo?  (Peanut Butter and Jelly?  Or Vegemite and Toast?)  What do you do when another team has picked up your food?  Remember "Born: January 22, 1919; Married:  January 22, 1940; Buried: January 22, 1975"  And most recently it should be noted that the lake is always to the East.  Ah the fun we've had.




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