Flightseeing in Seattle - July 2004

While visiting with friends and family in the Seattle area, of course we had to do some "fun" flying.  So, on a sunny (albeit hot!) Wednesday afternoon, 58K took a couple of trips around the area just for the fun of it.  Judith and her two daughters (Audrey and Virginia), Becca, Matt, Carter and Becca's dad (John) all made the trek to Boeing Field for the adventure.  Group 1 did a scenic, 25 minute flight north over to Green Lake, and then west and south around Vashon Island before returning to Boeing Field.  Unfortunately, 58K proved stubborn in starting immediately after the first group returned, and the resulting delay meant that Becca had to skip on the flight.  Guess we'll have to make another trip out west soon :-)

Each thumbnail below has a much larger version of the photo linked to it.  The larger file is suitable for 5x7 printing.  If you want to download a copy for pritning, you should right click on the link and save the file.  You can then print it yourself or take it to a shop like Wolf/Ritz or Walgreens and have them print it.


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