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The mad physics duo of Dr. Alburnt Pintshine and Dr. Thieving Stocking were hired to come to Tasha's birthday party to share the results of their delicious nuclear research with all of you!  They were also supposed to bring their universally renowned cinnamon neutrino bundt cake with matching electron accelerator ignition sticks and cooling gel.  We let them in when they arrived earlier.   Dr. Stocking nervously mumbled something about showing you all his card tricks and asked us to show him where we keep playing cards. 

We were busy in the kitchen, and really did not even have a chance to chat with either one.  Now we cannot find them anywhere! 

See what you can do to find Drs. Pintshine and/or Stocking.  Most importantly, find Tasha's birthday cake, or this party will be a bust!  Here is a photo of them, so you'll know them if you see them! 





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